Poolside Glam

Finally in California!! I have a lot of emotions running through me. Blogging really helps me to vent. Today I went out to the pool to take my photos and make a video update. The weather was a little chilly, so I couldn't take a dip. But I do plan to hit the beach next week. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Flirty Fifties by Dolce and Gabbana

I am so in love with Miranda Kerr's Summer 2012 Dolce and Gabbana ad for Harper's Bazaar. This 50's look is truly a style influence for my spring wardrobe! (Photos courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

White Affair

While this time spent in San Antonio has been fun, its time for my next step. Before this trip, I hadn't seen my mother in a while so I thoroughly enjoyed our time. However, today I fly to Los Angeles. No, I didn't wear this little number, lol, its doing a lot for a flight. This was my Friday evening look. I will post my flight wear later today. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pastels and Snakeskin

Its a really nice day in San Antonio today. There isn't a cloud in the sky! Its so bright that its difficult to see the actual color of my pants. They are a pastel green, sort of like the mint in my favorite ice cream of all time, mint chocolate chip! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Oh Coachella

I said I would go to Coachella this year, but the tickets are already sold out :-(. I love the style of the festival. Very 70s hippie! I used to say that when I grew older I would really adopt that style. I want wear my hair really long and curly and only rock vintage threads. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Cause I Love You

This is my last week in San Antonio. On Saturday I fly to Los Angeles for good. I'm really glad I came to see my mom before I fully relocated. This has been a really relaxing few weeks, and I've been mentally and emotionally preparing myself.  I do look forward to having consistent sun! I played hide and seek with the sun today, the clouds won! Lol. I was still able to get a few good shots in. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Day Dreaming

When we are young, we are taught to have big dreams. Just remember, there is a point where you have to stop dreaming and start doing. Like my fellow Gemini, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, said “Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of comin’ true. Believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you” Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Ahoy Mate!

I don’t want to live my entire life, then find a person to be with… I want to share my ups and downs with someone. To me, that is what having a ‘soul mate’ is for. Many of us come from very strong women, who show us that we can do so much on our own. However, it's important to remember that God built woman and man… and there isn’t one without the other. It’s great that you can do it on your own, but never let your pride get in the way of that bond you can have with your ‘soul mate’. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pink Friday

Today was such a beautiful day. I rode around blasting Rihanna! Is it just me or does she make you feel like a badd bish!? Lol… I love that chick! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

It's My Ambition

The race called life? Kendrick Lamar said, “when the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave”. I think it's important to know what you're chasing!! I found that it's best not to chase after the income, because the more you make, the more you’ll spend. Then, you’ll end up working check-to-check and still unhappy. Chase what makes you happy. If you do that right, the income will come, and you’ll be happy regardless of the amount. Click 'Read More' for more photos!