DIY Ombre Nails

I made a video with a step-by-step tutorial on how to do your own ombre nails. For those watching without sound, check out the steps below the video. Enjoy!

Step 1: Give yourself a manicure.

Step 2: Apply base coat. Allow nails to completely dry.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of lightest color, allowing each coat to completely dry.

Step 4: Pour a small amount of the darkest color onto a paper plate. Dab color with make-up sponge lightly.

Step 5: Dab color on nails starting approx. 1 cm from cuticle. Make the dabs lighter close to the cuticle and darker closer to the tips.

Step 6: Apply accent polish on the tip of the accent nail.
Step 7: Apple top coat


I really wanted to wear a dress today, but it was kind of chilly outside. After experiencing 99 degrees last week, I appreciate a little breeze. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

New Place

I'm so sorry for the delay in posts, I have been in the process of moving from my Uncle's living room to an apartment! I'm really blessed to have family that allowed me to stay with them until I got on my feet and through constant prayer I'm really excited to tell you guys that I have a place. Its a really beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles that I'm sharing with a roomie.  These pics were taken in front of my new pad. As an apology for my absence, I got a little creative with my pics. Tell me what you think! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

A Walk in the Park

My only comment for today is that its HOT AS HELL!! Lol. I guess its time to get use to it! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Canyon Country

How beautiful is this view!!! Whenever you want to see some beautiful mountains near LA, take a trip into Canyon Country! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Silver Sunday

Loving this BEAUTIFUL Sunday in good ol' Californ-i-a!  The weather hasn't been that good since I moved here, they say I brought the DC weather with me. I say they tricked me all these years into believing its always sunny!! LIARS! Lol! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Fashion Against Aids

I'm excited for H&M to launch their fifth Fashion Against Aids collection.  Here are two of my favorite garments:

The release date will be April 26th. A percentage of their proceeds will go towards the Fight Against Aids. I think this is a great way to contribute to the fight. Check out the rest of the collection on the H&M website and make sure you pick up your favs!

Railroad Tracks

Today was a chilly day. Yes I barely have anything on... but fashion is DANGEROUS! Lol. If I can stand in the middle of train tracks then I can bare the breeze a bit. At least I'm saying that prior to the flu. Smh!! Click 'Read More' for more photos!


Went to The Griddle today in Hollywood off Sunset blvd. Man oh man, I've never seen pancakes that huge!!! I was such a fatty!! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

The Black Straps

Excited that its getting really warm lately. Californians keep telling me I need to appreciate the warm weather, because during the summer it gets really hot!! So in appreciation to warm weather, I'm going to take a stroll in Beverly Hills today. See what all the talk is about :-) Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Red on Red

So, I'm not sure if I am supposed to wear this much red in LA, lol, but fashion can be dangerous. Hehe! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pink Roses

I'm so sorry for my absence. The weather in LA kind of sucked last week. It also doesn't help when I wait until 5pm to take pictures. Shame on me, lol. When taking pictures, location is EVERYTHING. However, since I don't get my car until tomorrow, I'm limited to my neighborhood. I love the ruggedness of this pink garage door against the dainty sweater. Click 'Read More' for more photos!