How fun are overalls? When I stumbled on these at the H&M in Georgetown, I knew I had to get them. They are so versatile! You can dress them down with sneakers or dress them up with some killer heels or lace up ankle boots. Click 'read more' for more pics!


I think our heat wave is finally coming to an end. Today has been the coolest LA day in a while.  Here's the outfit I wore last night to a comedy show. I'm rocking a bandeau, denim vest, DIY ripped jeans, and Steve Madden boots. If you haven't noticed, these are the same boots i wore in DIY Fatigue. I love them because your able to change the entire look by snapping the buttons on the side. They are like a 3-1 boot! Click 'read more' for more pics!!

Leopard Chucks

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I usually enjoy a great church service and a home cooked meal! Today I cooked balsamic glazed salmon and roasted potatoes with a tasty side salad. I really need to get back to posting recipes on my food blog, until then you can check out my foodie pictures on Instagram: Javicia Leslie. I took a few pictures of today's fit, a pretty simple look. I'm rocking an over-sized leopard sweater, loose pants, and my favorite grey chucks. How did you all spend your Sunday? Click 'read more' for more pics.

Flannel and Cut Offs

The weather was perfect today, a great day to hang out in LA. I've been keeping it really simple lately. Today I rocked a flannel top and DIY cut offs. Paired my fit with a pair of canvas  Vans. Hope you all enjoyed your beautiful Saturday as well. Click 'Read More' for more pics!

DIY Fatigue

Oh how I missed thee!!! Please forgive me for my 6 week absence, its been so long! I have been traveling since the last post and will finally return to sunny LA tomorrow morning. This return welcomes my favorite fashion season, fall! The best part of living on the west coast is the ability to mix and match summer and fall clothes, they make such a funky mix! To start with my fall looks, I made these cut off fatigues. I love the casualness that they give and you can pair them with a pair of girlie heels or flat military boots like mine. The best part is that I only paid $6.99 at the Salvation Army for the fatigues. Anywhoo, enjoy your week and check back Friday for a new look!! Click 'Read More' for more pics of this look.


I'm really proud of myself for posting three days in a row. Blogging is A LOT of work and can take hours to shoot, edit, post, and promote. So, three days in a row is great!!! Lol. Today was such a beautiful day, it was nearly 7pm when I snapped these shots, and the sun was steal beaming! I love California. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Biker Boots and Stripes

I found these Frye biker boots at a local vintage spot in Austin, Texas almost two years ago.  I can't believe this is m first time wearing them! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pleats and Bandeau

Stepped out last Tuesday for Taco Tuesday at El Toritos! Decided to have fun with my bandeau for the day. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Weekend Instagram Fun

Had a blast this weekend! Since I didn't get to take any outfit pictures, here is a glimpse of my looks from Instagram... Enjoy!

Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Summertime Fine

Ahhh! I'm finally back in Los Angeles after traveling since mid May. I am proud to say that one of my besties is now a married woman! The wedding was absolutely beautiful... and the dress was to die for! Now that I'm back from the Bay area into good ol' sunny LA, its time to break out that summertime gear. As I took these pictures, I reminisced on being in New Orleans for Essence Festival this time last year. Unfortunately, we couldn't go this year... but we will definitely be in attendance next year. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

My 25th Birthday!

Hello loves!! I apologize for my lack of posting over the last week. I have been in Washington DC to celebrate my 25th birthday with my loved ones! I am so excited to show you all a glimpse of the fun I had!! To start, here's a little instagram (@JaviciaLeslie) fun:

Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Bright Jumpsuit

I purchased this jumpsuit from Bebe a while back. I figured since the weather is getting warmer, this would be great time for some color. I'll be heading to DC this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones!!! Its the BIG 2-5, so I'm really excited. Its funny, every year I want to do something big for my birthday, this year I just want to be with the people who care about me! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

What I Wore

I took a trip to Sacramento last week to see my play sister graduate from High School!! I am so happy for her new transition in life! Here are some quick shots of what I wore. I didn't do the whole photo shoot thing that I usually do, just wanted to show you all what I wore. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Scholarship Banquet

I went to my uncle's Scholarship Banquet over the weekend. I had a blast with my cousins. Here's a quick look at the Karen Millen dress I wore. A friend of mine styled me in this dress for an event I hosted a few months ago. His name is James Ryan, and if your on the east coast, he is your go-to stylist! Click 'Read More' for more photos!


I love the new fringe trend, but anyone that knows me knows that I don't like to spend a lot on "trends". Today I decided to make my own DIY Fringe Top. Check out the video below the posts. Hope you enjoy :-)

If your unable to watch the video, here are the steps:

Step 1: Grab an old top that you don't mind cutting.

Step 2: Cut slits in bottom of top. How high you cut your slits, depends on how much stomach you want to show.

Step 3: Cut different lengths on random fringes.

Step 4: Cut sewn end on all remaining fringes.

Step 5: Tie the ends of all of the fringes.

Step 6: Pour bleach into an old spray bottle.

Step 7: Place top on plastic bag to protect any surfaces.

Step 8: Spray bleach randomly on your top.

Step 9: For a tie-dye effect, place fringes on the un-cut 
part and spray over fringes.


Last night I went out to Shecky's in Santa Monica to support a good friend, then East for a friend's album release party in Hollywood, then all the way to Burbank for a friend's comedy show. I did a lot of running around and snapped a few pics throughout the night. Here is what I wore for my night of adventure. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

DIY Ombre Nails

I made a video with a step-by-step tutorial on how to do your own ombre nails. For those watching without sound, check out the steps below the video. Enjoy!

Step 1: Give yourself a manicure.

Step 2: Apply base coat. Allow nails to completely dry.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of lightest color, allowing each coat to completely dry.

Step 4: Pour a small amount of the darkest color onto a paper plate. Dab color with make-up sponge lightly.

Step 5: Dab color on nails starting approx. 1 cm from cuticle. Make the dabs lighter close to the cuticle and darker closer to the tips.

Step 6: Apply accent polish on the tip of the accent nail.
Step 7: Apple top coat


I really wanted to wear a dress today, but it was kind of chilly outside. After experiencing 99 degrees last week, I appreciate a little breeze. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

New Place

I'm so sorry for the delay in posts, I have been in the process of moving from my Uncle's living room to an apartment! I'm really blessed to have family that allowed me to stay with them until I got on my feet and through constant prayer I'm really excited to tell you guys that I have a place. Its a really beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles that I'm sharing with a roomie.  These pics were taken in front of my new pad. As an apology for my absence, I got a little creative with my pics. Tell me what you think! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

A Walk in the Park

My only comment for today is that its HOT AS HELL!! Lol. I guess its time to get use to it! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Canyon Country

How beautiful is this view!!! Whenever you want to see some beautiful mountains near LA, take a trip into Canyon Country! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Silver Sunday

Loving this BEAUTIFUL Sunday in good ol' Californ-i-a!  The weather hasn't been that good since I moved here, they say I brought the DC weather with me. I say they tricked me all these years into believing its always sunny!! LIARS! Lol! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Fashion Against Aids

I'm excited for H&M to launch their fifth Fashion Against Aids collection.  Here are two of my favorite garments:

The release date will be April 26th. A percentage of their proceeds will go towards the Fight Against Aids. I think this is a great way to contribute to the fight. Check out the rest of the collection on the H&M website and make sure you pick up your favs!

Railroad Tracks

Today was a chilly day. Yes I barely have anything on... but fashion is DANGEROUS! Lol. If I can stand in the middle of train tracks then I can bare the breeze a bit. At least I'm saying that prior to the flu. Smh!! Click 'Read More' for more photos!


Went to The Griddle today in Hollywood off Sunset blvd. Man oh man, I've never seen pancakes that huge!!! I was such a fatty!! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

The Black Straps

Excited that its getting really warm lately. Californians keep telling me I need to appreciate the warm weather, because during the summer it gets really hot!! So in appreciation to warm weather, I'm going to take a stroll in Beverly Hills today. See what all the talk is about :-) Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Red on Red

So, I'm not sure if I am supposed to wear this much red in LA, lol, but fashion can be dangerous. Hehe! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pink Roses

I'm so sorry for my absence. The weather in LA kind of sucked last week. It also doesn't help when I wait until 5pm to take pictures. Shame on me, lol. When taking pictures, location is EVERYTHING. However, since I don't get my car until tomorrow, I'm limited to my neighborhood. I love the ruggedness of this pink garage door against the dainty sweater. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Poolside Glam

Finally in California!! I have a lot of emotions running through me. Blogging really helps me to vent. Today I went out to the pool to take my photos and make a video update. The weather was a little chilly, so I couldn't take a dip. But I do plan to hit the beach next week. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Flirty Fifties by Dolce and Gabbana

I am so in love with Miranda Kerr's Summer 2012 Dolce and Gabbana ad for Harper's Bazaar. This 50's look is truly a style influence for my spring wardrobe! (Photos courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

White Affair

While this time spent in San Antonio has been fun, its time for my next step. Before this trip, I hadn't seen my mother in a while so I thoroughly enjoyed our time. However, today I fly to Los Angeles. No, I didn't wear this little number, lol, its doing a lot for a flight. This was my Friday evening look. I will post my flight wear later today. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pastels and Snakeskin

Its a really nice day in San Antonio today. There isn't a cloud in the sky! Its so bright that its difficult to see the actual color of my pants. They are a pastel green, sort of like the mint in my favorite ice cream of all time, mint chocolate chip! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Oh Coachella

I said I would go to Coachella this year, but the tickets are already sold out :-(. I love the style of the festival. Very 70s hippie! I used to say that when I grew older I would really adopt that style. I want wear my hair really long and curly and only rock vintage threads. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Cause I Love You

This is my last week in San Antonio. On Saturday I fly to Los Angeles for good. I'm really glad I came to see my mom before I fully relocated. This has been a really relaxing few weeks, and I've been mentally and emotionally preparing myself.  I do look forward to having consistent sun! I played hide and seek with the sun today, the clouds won! Lol. I was still able to get a few good shots in. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Day Dreaming

When we are young, we are taught to have big dreams. Just remember, there is a point where you have to stop dreaming and start doing. Like my fellow Gemini, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, said “Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of comin’ true. Believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you” Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Ahoy Mate!

I don’t want to live my entire life, then find a person to be with… I want to share my ups and downs with someone. To me, that is what having a ‘soul mate’ is for. Many of us come from very strong women, who show us that we can do so much on our own. However, it's important to remember that God built woman and man… and there isn’t one without the other. It’s great that you can do it on your own, but never let your pride get in the way of that bond you can have with your ‘soul mate’. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Pink Friday

Today was such a beautiful day. I rode around blasting Rihanna! Is it just me or does she make you feel like a badd bish!? Lol… I love that chick! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

It's My Ambition

The race called life? Kendrick Lamar said, “when the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave”. I think it's important to know what you're chasing!! I found that it's best not to chase after the income, because the more you make, the more you’ll spend. Then, you’ll end up working check-to-check and still unhappy. Chase what makes you happy. If you do that right, the income will come, and you’ll be happy regardless of the amount. Click 'Read More' for more photos!