Silver Sunday

Loving this BEAUTIFUL Sunday in good ol' Californ-i-a!  The weather hasn't been that good since I moved here, they say I brought the DC weather with me. I say they tricked me all these years into believing its always sunny!! LIARS! Lol! Click 'Read More' for more photos!

How cute are these vintage Jessica McClintock pants?! I purchased them at Mila and Fire's vintage stand. Make sure you check them out!!! They have a great mix between reconstructed vintage and contemporary pieces! To be honest, they're my hidden little secret... shhhh!

I'm really diggin this peacock ring I purchased from Forever 21! Who says EVERYTHING in your wardrobe has to be super expensive??? 

Its funny because a lot of people don't know I have tattoos because I rarely show them. I love my ankh soooo much! I think its a great flare on the classic Egyptian hieroglyph. 


  1. You pulled those off! I know I probably couldn't they look cool though, rolling the cuff was a great idea!

  2. those pants are gorgeous! you wear them perfectly!

  3. I love this look, its incredibly chic but looks super comfy!! Thanks for sharing your hidden gem. found your blog through fashionbomb *I think* lol, either way glad to now be a follower