Summertime Fine

Ahhh! I'm finally back in Los Angeles after traveling since mid May. I am proud to say that one of my besties is now a married woman! The wedding was absolutely beautiful... and the dress was to die for! Now that I'm back from the Bay area into good ol' sunny LA, its time to break out that summertime gear. As I took these pictures, I reminisced on being in New Orleans for Essence Festival this time last year. Unfortunately, we couldn't go this year... but we will definitely be in attendance next year. Click 'Read More' for more photos!

Top: American Apparel | Shorts: American Apparel | Shoes: Betsey Johnson | Clutch: Vintage


  1. You're hair is did you get it like this?

  2. yaaay, your back to blogging! i decided to stop by just to check and see...btw, love those BJ platforms!
    I dont blog but started IG recently...
    get@me sweets!

  3. Love the cool outfit with the pop of colors, you look great!

    check out my blog & we could follow each other!

  4. This is a HOT shot! love the outfit, shoes are fly ;-)

  5. Hella fly. Your entire look is super motivation to snatch my super fly status back. You look amazingly HAWT ;-)

  6. Just so you know, one of your photo's is on an internet dating site...I'm guessing it's stolen and the profile isn't you??