black boy fly

I recently auditioned to play Chilli in the TLC biopic. Although I did not get the role, I was one of the final two and was able to audition for Chilli herself! Anyhoo... I borrowed these jeans from a friend of mine and decided they shouldn't go to waste. I love the tom-boy style of this look!

Top: American Apparel | Jeans: D Britt's Closet | Shoes: Timberland


  1. OMG! Yes you could have so done it! You look gorgeous.

  2. YES YES YES! i'm a sucker for the tomboy look and androgyny. i absolutely love this look. i love your blog too and now following.
    pls check out mine

    1. Thank you! I love androgyny too! Checked out your blog... very fun photos! Keep it up!