I was once told that in order to accept something new, a change must occur. This "change" is needed to release some of the old and create space for the new. Let's use your closet as an example. To keep an organized closet, before purchasing new clothes, you have to get rid of some of your old clothes that either don't fit or are completely out of style. The same goes with your life. In order to truly accept new blessing into your life, it is important to change or let go of some of your old habits that are no longer useful to you. 

I don't usually speak too personally on my blog since I use it mainly for fashion shots, however, I believe in a community of inspiration beyond our exterior. Since I've moved to California, I have been working on creating the right change in order to accept new blessings into my life. I recently took a 30 day break from consuming any alcohol and instead spent more time working out and eating healthier. The change that I've seen has been wonderful! Not only have I felt a lift in my spirit and energy, but that last bit of belly fat has finally vanished! Now I don't have the urge to drink when I'm out with my friends, and I wake up early with energy and enthusiasm, not a nagging hangover. The change I made in myself made room for the new blessings of a healthier fit body and more commercial/ modeling opportunities.  

I now challenge you! I challenge you to take a break from something you do very often that isn't really benefiting you. There's no set time for this break. Break for how ever long it pleases you. Just remember, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward!

My current "break" is from television. Instead, I want to read and write more. Wish me luck!!


  1. You can see the LIGHT shining in your eyes Ms. Javicia! You look amazing and continue to strive for positive change in your life! It looks good on you;-) God Bless! - JT

  2. You go girlfriend! I am extremely proud of you! continue to be great! love you!!!

  3. Gorgeous shot! Good luck to you....thank you for just opening my eyes for positive change.