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Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I've been doing a lot of traveling lately! Although, I am super happy to be back in LA, a little reminiscing over the last three weeks can be a little fun. Here are some of my Instagram shots from my travels.

I fell in love with hookah when I visited Atlanta. I probably smoked hookah 3 times a day (a little too much!). 

I was the hostess with the mostest for my friend's wedding in Maryland.

I was told the best drink to order in Dominican Republic was the Sammie Sosa. I usually don't do sweet drinks, but this one was definitely a winner!

THE FIRST thing to do when you step foot in my hometown, is get some crab cakes!!! I had crab cakes almost everyday while in MD.

The beautiful bride in her reception dress!

Loving these boyfriend jeans I wore to the club! No dress needed ;-)

Anyone who knows me knows my mom is my best friend! I was so ecstatic to see her in D.R. She definitely needed a vacay from Afghanistan.

This shot belongs in a wedding magazine!

Sitting poolside in Atlanta. I actually got a better tan in Atlanta than in D.R.

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  1. Love the dress you wore to your friend's wedding.
    Your friend is gorgeous!!

    Love the club outfit, you killed it!

  2. Great post! Keep'em coming.